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Surely, there is no Legacy of Blood darker, more terrible, and more frightening than the Ayin Apholion, also called “the Eyes of Death.” This strange gift, whose possessors consider the greater part of the time to be a curse, confers the disturbing ability to see the threads of life present in all things. These people do not perceive the world in a normal way, but like a set of threads, veins, and filaments that underlie everything that exists.

The origin of this ability is lost in a myth that goes back to the time of Holst. According to some occultists, this power was born from the hypothetical union of Holst and Lachesis, one of the three Fates, whose hands hold the threads of destiny. Others attribute it to a pact between Clotho and a mortal man she loved, with whom the Fate exchanged her left eye, in order to save his life. Whatever the truth, this ability is intrinsically linked to the Fates, because the Legacies that have it perceive the world as the Fates do. Cost: 2

Eyes of the End of All Existence: The Legacy has the ability to see the threads present in everything that exists, and consequently can destroy practically anything or anyone, with even the most innocuous wounds. Consequently, the Legacy ignores the Damage Barrier of objects, regardless of their size, toughness, or density. Simply by striking the appropriate places, he is able to destroy everything with impossible ease. Therefore, he also increases the Breakage of his impacts by 5 points, regardless of what weapon he is using. In combat, all his attacks produce an automatic Critical on his adversaries, regardless of the damage that the attack actually produced. Creatures with Damage Resistance do not suffer an automatic Critical, but their entire body is considered a vulnerable spot for the Legacy’s attacks.

The Legacy also has the ability to aim more accurately at the spiritual lines of the body of his enemy; if he does so, he applies a penalty of –10 to his Attack Ability, but gains in return a bonus of +40 to the level of Criticals. This power also allows the Legacy to visualize the spiritual lines of invisible or spiritual beings, even if he cannot fully distinguish the appearance or form of such beings. Thus, he never applies the penalty for complete Blindness when facing invisible beings, but only the penalty for Partial Blindness. Nevertheless, he is affected by illusionary spells or any similar power that “deceives” his perceptions. For example, a character using a spell of Illusory Invisibility would simply alter the perception of the eyes of the Legacy, making him think that he does not see anything. The character must be able to see to make use of all these abilities, since his powers depend directly on his sense of sight.

If at any time he lacks sight or, for any natural cause, is unable to see his surroundings, he loses these abilities. A character with this Legacy of Blood is able to damage any adversary, ignoring completely all kinds of protection or immunity that it has. Only beings who he cannot damage because of their high Gnosis are unaffected by this ability. In those cases, the character cannot see any kind of threads in them.


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Re: other legacies

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The origin or true nature of the Legacy called the Eyes of the Soul is unknown, but since it originated in Varja, many think that some Kami or greater spirit of the Oriental Island is related to it. In any case, people are born even today with this strange capability, which causes them to see everything that surrounds them in a different way. This Legacy allows the character to see the world, not in the normal way, but instead like a continuous gathering of spritual energy and Ki. Unlike other individuals able to sense Ki, the Legacy is able to see it like it is something real and tangible. This ability also allows him to perceive the form of all the objects or things that “he sees,” even if these do not give off energy. Consequently, he can use his Ki Detection, instead of the Secondary Abilities Notice and Search, to make any kind of perception check that uses sight as the principal means. For example, using his Ki Detection, the Legacy could try to locate a hidden trap or a concealed object in an enormous storage room. This power also allows the Legacy to see invisible bodies or spiritual beings, as long as they are real entities that emit some kind of spiritual energy. An individual with this capacity cannot be dazzled and ignores the penalties for any darkness that does not have a supernatural origin. In order to make use of the powers of the Eyes of the Soul, the character must develop the Ki Ability of Erudition. Otherwise, although he innately has these powers, he simply is not yet able to benefit from them. Cost: 1


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Re: other legacies

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LEGACY OF THE MOON (TSUKIYOMI) In antiquity, 12 high priestesses of Varja signed a pact with Tsukiyomi, Goddess of the Black Moon, so that their descendants would gain some of her tenebrous power. Although this pact cost them their souls and eternally bound the essence of their children to the darkness, the lady of the Naraku fulfilled her word in part, binding the spiritual energies of their firstborn to the moon. Even today, the heirs of those dark priestesses possess this Legacy, just as strong as it was a thousand years ago. Cost: 1

Ties to the Moon: The power of the Legacies of Tsukiyomi depends directly on the state of the moon. Consequently, the Legacy gains different benefits depending on what phase the moon is in. None of these Legacy Advantages, with the exception of Eclipse, are applied during the day.

When the moon is most illuminated by the sun, the powers of the Legacies are minimal, although they still receive certain benefits thanks to the moon’s influence. During this time, the character simply obtains a bonus of +5 to all actions."During this period, the Legacy obtains a bonus of +10 to all actions."The bonus to all actions of the Legacy during this phase is increased to +15. "Also called the Black Moon, this time is the moment at night when the powers of the Legacy are at their apogee. The character receives a bonus of +20 to all actions, can conduct actions of Inhuman Difficulty, and receives a modifier of +2 to his level of Regeneration. In a perfect eclipse, during the moment in which the dark surpasses the light even during the day, the power of a Legacy of Tsukiyomi is absolute. As a result, at this time, he obtains a bonus of +30 to all actions, can perform actions of Zen Difficulty, and obtains a modifier of +8 to his level of Regeneration.


Uroboros, the Serpent of Time, is one of the most enigmatic entities of antiquity. Many occultists have investigated his origins or nature, but no one has been able to discover what he is really. There are some who consider him an Aeon, while others catalogue him as the greatest of the Great Beasts or, in some cases, even a god. How he bound his blood to mortals is as inexplicable a mystery as is Uroboros himself, but without a doubt individuals exist who possess some of his power.

Legacies of Uroboros always have a strange birth mark, in the form of a serpent, somewhere on their body. Normally it forms a perfect circle, but the mark grows and changes as its possessor increases his powers. A character with the Blood of Uroboros enjoys a limited control over space and time, allowing him to make certain supernatural “jumps” and to act before anyone can respond to his movements. Simply put, the Legacy’s antagonists are left with the feeling that time has stopped for them for a split second. As a consequence of this ability, a Legacy of Uroboros obtains Surprise over any adversary by having an Initiative result of 100 points more than the adversary rather than 150. Secondly, when the Legacy retreats, he does not suffer the Flanked penalty to his Defense Ability, because he takes advantage of the abilities provided by his blood to separate himself without being more vulnerable. Cost: 1


Within this category are gathered those Legacies through whose veins run the blood of some of the Great Beasts, or of an ancestral entity of similar power (like angels or demons). Thanks to their lineage, the Legacies are endowed with a multitude of inhuman qualities, although their precise powers and capabilities vary depending on who their predecessors are and the qualities that have been awakened in the Legacies. Consequently, no two Legacies of this blood are exactly the same.

Inhuman Powers: The Legacy receives 40 Development Points to choose any combination of Creature Powers described in Chapter 26 of Anima: Beyond Fantasy, as if he had an equivalent of Gnosis 5. This Advantage does not allow the character to choose Essential Abilities, but only abilities from the list of Powers. Naturally, physical capabilities slightly alter the appearance of the character. For example, an individual who has the ability to fly would probably have wings on his back. Additional Creation Points invested in this Legacy indicate that the blood lineage of the character is more powerful, increasing the DP he receives to 80 or 120 points, respectively. The Development Points provided by this Advantage do not increase the level of the character. Cost: 1, 2, 3


The Eyes of Destiny is a strange ability that grants its possessors the capacity to see things before they happen, allowing them to adapt to the movements of enemies, regardless of how fast or capable they are. The origin of this Legacy is unknown, but the Legacy is so old that there are those who suggest it is the first of all Legacies. What or who caused it is completely unknown. The Eyes of Destiny Legacy allows its possessor to adapt to the combat style of his enemies. After fighting for a prolonged period of time against the same adversary, the character begins to increasingly anticipate his opponents’ movements. At first, he is only able to slightly anticipate the movements, but later he can see them coming long before they begin. As a result, he obtains a bonus to his Attack and Defense Ability on any action directly opposed by an enemy that he has been fighting for a certain number of turns. The more time spent fighting the enemy, the greater the bonuses the character obtains, as indicated in the following table:

These bonuses are kept even after the passage of time. For example, if the Legacy faces the same enemy several days after the previous battle, he can still predict the enemy’s movements as well as he could at the end of the last battle, since he has already adapted to the enemy’s combat style. However, when an enemy improves or changes his fighting ability, the advantage provided by the Eyes of Destiny as a result of past combats are lost with respect to that opponent. Simply put, a change in the enemy’s way of fighting, in even the slightest way, completely alters the fighting style to which the Legacy has become accustomed. As a result, the possessor of the Eyes of Destiny loses the bonuses obtained against a when the enemy goes up a level if this increases the enemy’s Attack or Defense Ability in any way.

It is also possible that an enemy who purposely conceals his full combat ability can make the Legacy lose his bonus when the enemy declares the use of his full ability. In that case, the style to which the Legacy had become accustomed to does not truly represent the ability of his enemy. Note that the bonus provided by Eyes of Destiny is specific to the Legacy and a particular enemy. Each individual uses slightly different movements when fighting, so time spent fighting one enemy does not apply when fighting another one. The Eyes of Destiny are useless against attacks and defenses of a magical or psychic character, unless the character has the Advantage See Supernatural as well. Activating the bonuses of this Legacy demands a cost of 1 Ki point per turn. Ki points do not have to be spent to become acclimated to the enemy’s fighting style or to remember past fighting time, but only to use the bonuses provided by this Legacy. Additionally, a character with the Eyes of Destiny also has an enormous facility to copy Ki Techniques that he witnesses. For that reason, if he has the Ki Ability of Technique Imitation, the benefit the ability offers him increases. Consequently, he reduces the cost in MK of imitated Techniques: those of first level cost of 15 MK points less, those of second level cost 25 MK points less, and those of third level cost 40 MK less (instead of 10 MK, 20 MK, and 30 MK less, respectively). Cost: 2


Legacies of Eternal Blood have a bond with entities foreign to Gaïa that provides them with an unparalleled resistance to death. Although not strictly immortal, they lack vulnerable spots on their body. Therefore, they can withstand damage that would be impossible for anyone else to withstand, such as having their heart impaled by a sword or their head pierced by an arrow. Legacies of Eternal Blood do not have any common characteristics, except for their inhuman resistance to damage. Cost: 1
Invulnerability: A character with this Legacy does not have any vulnerable spots, so he is completely immune to the effect of automatic death as a result of having received a mortal Critical to any of them. Also, his body must suffer massive damage to die, so the character remains conscious when at negative Life Points of up to 20 times the value of his Constitution. However, he suffers an All Action Penalty equal to the amount his Life Points are negative. If the optional rules of between life and death are used from the Game Master’s Toolkit, the Legacy applies a bonus of +80 to Physical Resistance checks for the purpose of staying alive once he has reached his limits. Resist Death: The character applies a special bonus of +40 to any kind of Resistance check against natural or supernatural effects that produce automatic death.


Orochi, the dark Aeon, is one of the most frightful entities of Gaïa. Throughout history, some scholars have connected him to Zemial or Edamiel, due to his obsession with destroying everything and plunging existence into absolute nothingness. His legend was forged originally in Varja, during the time of splendor of Kuon Teikoku, and he was considered one of the worst threats that the Eternal Empire had to confront. Orochi has the form of a gigantic white serpent with seven heads, each one of which is a portal to nothingness. It is not known whether this is his true aspect, but this is his appearance in many scrolls on Varja legends. After manifesting himself and devastating everything in his way, Orochi demanded that seven pure princesses be given to him, who he impregnated with his essence so that they took within themselves his descendants. He was finally sealed off by Amaterasu himself. The Legacies of Blood of Orochi are the last descendants of those seven princesses and are destined to awaken their dark predecessor someday. Cost: 1

BLOOD OF VIOLENCE There are people who carry the blood of Orochi in their veins without knowing it, until some terrible event releases their wrath and awakens their power. After their powers awaken, these Legacies tend to be solitary individuals who are consumed by the power they carry within them, or who live apart from others for fear of hurting them. The characters with this Legacy of Blood possess a devastating power that allows them to enormously increase their capabilities at a terrible price. If the character wishes it, he can awaken the blood of Orochi to considerably increase his strength. When doing so, he obtains a bonus of +20 to his Combat Abilities and his Initiative, as well as a bonus of +1 to all his Ki Accumulations. If he also has the Gift, he receives a bonus of +20 to his Magic Accumulation. However, this great gift comes at a high cost, as it consumes the body and soul of he that uses it, making him lose 2 Life Points each turn he keeps the Legacy active. This loss is considered a Sacrifice for determining the recovery of Life Points. Activating the blood of Orochi is a Passive Action, but an entire turn must pass after its activation before it takes effect.

ANGER UNLEASHED Unfortunately, having the blood of Orochi carries a great risk. As a bearer of the power of violence, the possibility exists that the Legacy will enter a state of wrath that impels him to kill and destroy everything that he finds around him. In order to avoid entering this state, the Legacy must make a Willpower check whenever any of the following circumstances occurs:
anger or engulfs him in desperation. produces an effect or not. his nature responds instinctively to the innate violence that runs through all their veins.

If any of these circumstances occurs while the Legacy has the power of Orochi active, he suffers a penalty of –3 to his Willpower Characteristic when he makes the check. If he fails the check, his power is completely unleashed, so the bonuses to his Combat Abilities, Initiative, and MA increase to +30 and he adds +2 to his Ki Accumulations. Similarly, the price he pays is also greater, so the Legacy bleeds from his entire body, increasing the loss of Life Points to 5 per turn. It is even possible that some additional transformation occurs, such as the Legacy’s pupils filling with blood or his hair changing color. It is very difficult to leave the state of Anger Unleashed. Consequently, the Legacy can only attempt to do so if he is about to hurt somebody very dear to him, in which case he can make a new Willpower check (although he still applies a –3 to the value of his Characteristic). The character automatically leaves the state of Anger Unleashed if he falls unconscious. When his Life Points are reduced to 0, the Legacy stops losing them as a result of his power and must make a Willpower check each turn. If he fails the check or if there is nobody left alive around him, he falls unconscious and enters the state between life and death because of his bleeding.


This Legacy includes all those characters who, for one reason or another, have the supernatural capacity to manifest physical, natural weapons at will. The ability can have very diverse origins, as varied as the natural weapons the character can have. Claws, hair, bones, wings, or even the Legacy’s own blood can all be natural weapons. The character must designate what his natural weapons are at the time of choosing this Legacy. Normally, natural weapons are not in view until the character declares his desire to manifest them. At that moment, his body alters so that he can use the weapons: hands become claws, hair begins to move on its own, wounds form blood blades… This manifestation has a cost of 5 Ki points, although there is no maintenance to keep the weapons manifested. A Legacy automatically obtains knowledge of how to use his natural weapons without the necessity of investing DP in their use; for him using the natural weapons is something innate. The Base Damage of the natural weapons is always 40 plus the Legacy’s Strength bonus, and they have the same Initiative modifier as fighting unarmed (that is, +20). Depending on the nature of the natural weapons, the Legacy must choose Cutting, Thrust, or Impact as a Primary Attack Type.

The character must select, in addition, two of the following special advantages for his natural weapons, as appropriate to the weapons’ unique nature. Some of them, like Increased Damage or Armor Reduction, can be chosen more than once. Cost: 1
Increased Damage: The weapon applies +25 to its Base Damage. This advantage can be chosen a second time, increasing the bonus to +50. Increased Speed: The weapon obtains +20 to its Base Speed. This advantage can be chosen a second time, increasing the bonus to +40. Precise Weapon: The weapon uses the Precise rule. Increased Trapping: The natural weapon allows the Legacy to carry out the Trapping maneuver and gives a bonus of +2 to the attribute used by the Legacy in the opposed check for the maneuver. Shield Against Projectiles: Despite not being a proper shield, the weapon allows the Legacy to stop projectiles as if it were. When this advantage is chosen, the Legacy must choose what shield this weapon acts like. Armor Reduction: Because of its exceptional qualities, the weapon reduces the Armor Type of the defender by 3 points. This advantage can be chosen a second time to reduce the Armor Type by 6 points. Increased Critical: The weapon has a vicious quality, conferring a bonus of +30 to the level of Critical of any attacks with it. Increased Area: When executing an Area Attack, the weapon includes up to 5 adversaries, just as if it were a Large weapon. Dual Weapon: The dual characteristic of the weapon allows the character to make a second attack with it, as if he wielded an additional hand weapon.


This aberrant ability arose from a damned ancestry in antiquity, tainted by contact with the Book of the Dead. A Legacy with this power is able to use his blood on a corpse to return it to a state of half-life for a brief time. In reality, the corpse is not truly alive, and its body is only a marionette controlled by the Legacy that barely retains memories or abilities from its previous existence. In order to activate the Blood of the Dead, the Legacy must spill a considerable amount of his blood, which contains his energy and vital essence, on a corpse. The more blood he spills, the greater the powers imbued in the body will be. As the corpses are not granted special mobility by the power, they can only move if they are in a state that allows it. Thus, the Blood of the Dead does not affect ashes, skeletons, or similarly deteriorated remains. The corpse rises in less than a minute after receiving the blood (sometimes, depending on the body at issue, the time needed may only be a few seconds). Cost: 1

Sacrifice of Blood: When he uses his Blood of the Dead ability, the Legacy must declare how much blood he spills. He, then, sacrifices as many Life Points as he wishes, and spends an amount of Ki equal to a fifth of the Life Points sacrificed. For example, if he sacrifices 50 Life Points, he must also spend 10 Ki. Any cost in Life Points spent for this purpose is considered a Sacrifice when determining recovery because of the vital energy consumed. Blood Marionettes: A corpse animated by the Legacy gains Life Points equal to quadruple the sacrificed Life Points used to animate him, but never more than the body had originally when it was alive. The corpse acts like an extension of the will of the Legacy, using the combat ability of its controller, but keeping its own original Characteristics. However, it applies a penalty to all actions determined by how much blood was spent on it by the Legacy, with more blood yielding lower penalties, as indicated in Table 21.

An animated corpse loses the properties of the blood very quickly: at a rate of 5 Life Points per hour. The Legacy can invest more blood in the corpse to prolong its existence, but if at any time the Life Points of the corpse falls to 0 or below, the corpse becomes inanimate again. Investing more blood and Ki in a corpse already animated by the Legacy follows the same rules as creating it in the first place. Blood of the Dead cannot animate the same body more than once. A blood marionette can have its effectiveness reduced by losing body parts or suffering other similarly catastrophic damages, but it lacks vulnerable spots and does not suffer penalties because of pain.
Techniques through Marionettes: A Blood Marionette can use any Ki Technique that its creator knows, although it only has an amount of Ki equal to the points invested in its creation. Once all its Ki Points are spent, the Marionette becomes inanimate (just as if it lost all its Life Points).


Legacies with the Blood of Kami are descendents of some of the Kami of Varja, the old gods of the Oriental Island. Thanks to the blood that runs through their veins, the Legacies have certain unique powers, usually related to the singular capabilities of each deity. Since there were over a thousand Kami, with very diverse natures, the powers of each Legacy are also different, according to the Kami that the Legacy is tied to. This section gathers the abilities of Legacies whose Kami blood have been diluted over the passage of time. If the Game Master allows it, a player can invest a greater number of Creation Points to obtain additional powers (representing more potent blood). Cost: 1

Divine Blood: Because of the unique characteristics of his blood, the Legacy has the ability to perform actions of Inhuman difficulty. All the Kami Legacies, regardless of the nature of the Kami they come from, always have this ability.

Kami: Genus Loci The great majority of the Kami were bound to very concrete places, such as forests, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc. As a result, Legacies descended from these spirits increase their capabilities when they find themselves in places that are attuned to their nature. Therefore, a Legacy descended from the Kami of a river is more powerful when he is in the proximity of streams and torrents, as would be one who descends from a Kami of a mountain when he is in a mountainous zone. When choosing this bloodline, the Legacy must determine what type of natural place his powers are bound to. When he is there, all his physical attributes and Ki Accumulations are increased by 1 point. Legacies that have the Gift also increase by +15 their MA. If the Legacy is in the actual original location of the Kami in Varja (the exact lake, mountain, forest or whatever that gave birth to the Kami), those bonuses increase by 2 points (+30 with regard to MA).

Kami: Lord of War The Kami bound to war were powerful spirits who broke with their source to become soldiers at the service of Amaterasu. Although their innate powers were not as great as those of their brothers, their combat ability was much greater. Normally, these Kami were associated with a specific type of weapon that represented the Kami’s essence. As a result, their descendants have the capacity to increase their power when they are wielding that type of weapon, since it awakens the divine blood that runs through their veins. When choosing this lineage, the Legacy must choose a specific type of weapon (katana, nodachi, bow, etc.). When he wields that type of weapon, his innate powers awaken and he gains the ability to channel energy through the weapon. While the Legacy is channelling energy through his weapon in this way, the weapon’s Quality level increases by 5 points (up to a maximum of +25), the weapon is able to damage energy (as if it had the Ki Ability of Aura Extension), and the Legacy receives a bonus of +1 to Ki Accumulation. This ability costs the Legacy 1 Ki point per turn to maintain.


The Dragon, the first and greatest of all the Aeons, is the essence of fantasy itself in its purest state. No one knows when he gave part of his essence to mortals, but those who bear his blood are able to develop the most incredible abilities. The powers of this Legacy are left to the GM’s discretion. Blood of the Dragon is also a prerequisite to access some Magnus, such as The Seals of the Dragon. Cost: 1


Latent blood is not an individual Legacy as such. Instead, it gives the character a multitude of them that he can awaken later. Someone with this lineage can spend the bonuses to Characteristics he receives at each even level as if they were Creation Points to buy Legacies of Blood (just as if he were using the optional rule Non-Restricted Creation Points). A character who advances to level two, for example, could take advantage of his +1 bonus to a Characteristic to awaken Eternal Blood instead, and when going up to level four, he could use his +1 Characteristic point to awaken the Eyes of the Soul. Cost: 1


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