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Elemental Legacies

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<br /> These are advantages taken that apply a level modifier. You are born with this and thus your character may not know he has it. Here is the list.

1. BLOOD OF AEON: ELEMENTAL LINK The Aeons, ancient entities whose power has been compared to the gods by many cultures, shared in the past a part of their essence with a limited number of mortals. The descendants of these people are still in possession of some of the exceptional qualities of their ancestors, thus becoming Legacies of Blood. This section refers to Legacies of Blood whose powers come from connections to Aeons with elemental ties, although the progeny of some high elemental lord could have similar capabilities. When choosing this Advantage, the character must decide which Aeon his powers are bound to. Cost: 1

GENERAL ADVANTAGES Some general Advantages exist that, to a greater or lesser extent, affect all those Legacies of Blood descended from elemental Aeons. Next are detailed two of the most common: "The Legacies of an Aeon are spiritually bound to the element to which their ancestor is associated. Consequently, they reduce by half any damage they suffer based on that element, and apply a bonus of +20 to all the Resistance checks related to it in some way. These benefits do not work against effects produced by an entity whose Gnosis is far beyond that of the character, since its high essence ignores the basic properties that the blood grants. Additionally, the Legacy increases by 10 points the Base Damage of any attack the character makes based on this element, be it using Ki, magic, or Psychic Powers. Aeons that do not have an association with an element do not provide this benefit to their descendants. Because of his supernatural nature, the Legacy finds great ease in developing all kinds of Ki Techniques related directly to the element to which his blood is bound to. Therefore, he reduces by 5 points the MK cost of any effect related to this element in a Technique learned or developed by the character. Effects whose MK cost is already 5 points are not affected by this Advantage.

A. Blood of Kagutsuchi (Fire) Kagutsuchi, the Great Beast of Flames, is an ancient entity intrinsically related to the Kami of Varja. Of her, it is said that, in the past, she fought beside Amaterasu against the Dark Aeon Orochi. According to legend, her fire could purify or destroy at will everything for miles around her. Her usual appearance is one of an immense bird of flames, from whose feathers it is said that the Phoenix was born. Her Legacies do not necessarily share a common appearance, although a great number of them are albinos whose eyes glow like lit coals when the Legacies begin to Accumulate Ki. General Advantages: Elemental Affinity (Fire). Elemental Aptitude (Fire).

B.Blood of Boreas (Air) Boreas, Lord of the Four Winds or the Eternal Bird, is an Aeon that often has been associated with Beryl Uriel, and is also said to have many ties with the Sylvain culture. He often appears as a huge bird with humanoid features, always surrounded by whirlwinds. His power is such that with a single movement of his wings he is able to raise gales and hurricanes capable of devastating virtually anything. The Legacies of Boreas have a common tie; when they begin to Accumulate Ki, they always produce small air currents that twist around them, even forming tiny tornados. General Advantages: Elemental Affinity (Air). Elemental Aptitude (Air).

C.Blood of Niflheim (Cold) Niflheim, Spirit of the Eternal Ice, is the Aeon that governs the cold and ice. Unlike many of her siblings, her manifestations in antiquity upon the face of Gaïa were very few, though her blood was tied to a small number of chosen through a pact with the leaders of the tribes of the north. The Legacies of Niflheim are the descendants of these people, and through their veins still run fragments of her power. No one knows what physical form the Spirit of the Eternal Ice takes, but some say she has the appearance of a woman made up of snow and frost. The Legacies of Niflheim usually have pale skin, clear eyes (blue or white, most of the time), and hair of an off-white (or even bluish) hue. Although her Legacies are more commonly women instead of men, the Legacy powers of the latter are sometimes greater. Cold Control: The character has a limited control over cold that grants him the ability to slightly alter the temperature around him. At will, he can lower the temperature of everything within a distance of 60 feet around him by 5 to 10 degrees. Sense Temperature Changes: Thanks to the powers of his blood, the Legacy has an innate ability to feel changes in the temperature around him. Thus, if he concentrates for three or four turns, he can perceive heat or cold sources in a space of about 150 feet. This ability also allows him to feel the heat that comes off a living being, but in these cases, the being can resist being located by passing a Physical Resistance (PhR) check against a Difficulty of 100. General Advantages: Elemental Affinity (Cold).

D. Blood of Rudraksha (Electricity) Rudraksha, Lord of the Storms, is one of the great Aeons that manifested on Gaïa during the war of the Deva. Known for his almost limitless destructive capacity, this powerful entity devastated entire armies before being temporarily confined in a prison known as the Temple of Storms. At that time, the Aeon signed several blood pacts with a multitude of individuals of enormous power, granting them a part of his supernatural abilities. The Legacies of Blood of his that exist at present are the descendants of these individuals. The blood of Rudraksha is associated with electricity, lightning, and storms, so his Legacies have an affinity for such elements. They do not have distinguishing physical characteristics, except their Combat Aura always takes the form of continuous electrical discharges that surround their bodies. Storm Link: The character can sense a storm at least 12 hours before it occurs, and can tell if it is natural or if there is some mystical element behind it. Additionally, this Legacy of Blood imbues the character with power during a storm, so he receives, while he is in a storm, a bonus of +1 to one of the following Characteristics: Dexterity, Agility, Strength, or Power. General Advantages: Elemental Affinity (Electricity).

E. Blood of Ran (Water) Ran, the Aeon of waters and oceans, is one of the most colossal creatures that has ever existed in Gaïa. Occultists affirm that he is a primal force, capable of causing tidal waves and typhoons with a single movement of his body. Generally, and as far as physical strength is concerned, he is considered the greatest of the Aeons. The most common characteristics of his Legacies is that they always have blue or green eyes and that their hair grows at a much faster rate than any normal person; if they cut it, after only one or two days, they once again have a long mane. Their Combat Aura is usually blue, as if water is swirling around them, and when they Accumulate Ki, sometimes the noise of waves can be heard. Aquatic Movement: The Legacy has the capacity to move with ease through aquatic environments, so he reduces by half any Action Penalty applied for moving in water or similar liquids. General Advantages: Elemental Aptitude (Water).

F. Blood of Toa (Earth) Toa, the Earth Dragon, is one of the Aeons who has taken a more active part in the history of humanity. Sometimes he is represented as an enormous stone serpent who dwells in the depths of the earth, and at other times like a dragon without wings. It is not known when or how he made blood pacts or had congress with mortals, but his Legacies exist in the world even now. The Legacies of Toa are commonly people with an exceptional physique, a prodigious musculature, and an almost inhuman resistance to harm. Regeneration: These Legacies heal more quickly than a normal person, so their level of Regeneration is increased by a point. Resist Criticals: The natural resistance of the Legacies allows them to withstand physical damage much better than other individuals. For that reason, they receive a bonus of +10 to their Physical Resistance to counteract any Critical they suffer. General Advantages: Elemental Affinity (Earth).

G.Blood of Phandemonium (Darkness) The Aeon of darkness, also called the Eternal Night, is the incarnation of pure darkness. His true physical form is not known, because whenever he has manifested he has appeared surrounded by an unfathomable mass of darkness, filled with eyes and mouths. It is believed he was one of the forces that caused the destruction of the Deva during their war, and he has taken part in other conflicts in the past, like the War of Darkness. The Legacies of Phandemonium, or Heirs of the Shadow, do not share common characteristics among themselves, except that their hair and eyes are always of dark or clear shades. It is said that when one of the Legacies has Accumulated a sufficient amount of Ki, his aura gathers around his back in the form of two black wings. Advantages: Elemental Affinity (Darkness). Elemental Aptitude (Darkness).

H. Blood of Shephirah (Light) Shephirah, the Light of the Heavens or The One of a Thousand Wings, is widely regarded by occultists as one of the most powerful Aeons. Like Boreas, she is intrinsically linked to the culture of the Sylvain, and there are civilizations that adore her like a god. Her form, despite being constantly changing, is characterized by a vaguely feminine appearance, and she always appears surrounded by wings of light that emerge from all parts of her body. The Legacies of Shephirah typically have light hair (blond most of the time) and blue or green eyes. However, their most peculiar characteristic is that, when they Accumulate great amounts of Ki, their aura takes the form of two enormous luminous wings that manifest on their back. Advantages: Elemental Affinity (Light). Elemental Aptitude (Light).


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